Things to Know


Roof Maintenance Tips

  • Keep your gutters and downspouts clear of any debris.

  • Keep trees pruned and branches from hanging over the roof.

  • Lighter color roofs tend to last longer than darker roofs.

  • Keep your roof from overheating.

  • Every roof needs to breathe, make sure there is proper ventilation and the vents installed do not leak and are installed properly.

  • Sun exposure will change the longevity of the roof.

Basic Inspection

  • Look for cracked, torn, balding or missing shingles.

  • Check the drip edges and flashing, make sure they are not torn or curling.

  • Crawl into your attic and look for water stains near corners and around trusses.

  • If you see any problems with your roof, contact at least 3 licensed and insured roofing companies and get estimates regarding your roof repairs.

  • Baseboards separating from the wall can indicate a moisture intrusion issue.

  • Tile popping up slightly can be the result of water damage.

  • Kitchen cabinets under the sink swelling can be a sign of water damage.