For a small water loss in my house, is it ok to dry it up myself?

 One thing you need to keep in mind when dealing with a water loss is that only a portion of the water loss is visible.  You may think drying it up yourself will save money, but if not done properly, a water loss can result in a costly mold problem.  When dealing with a water loss, it is said that only 20% of the water is visible, while the other 80% can be in the drywall and surrounding building materials.

Water damage in your home: what to look for.

Discoloration of walls is a major indicator of internal water loss.  Often these water losses can be the perfect breeding ground for mold as they often go undetected for some time.  If you suspect a water loss, call AADisaster Restoration24/7 for a free inspection.  Trying to remove the drywall yourself can create a bigger problem because doing so may disperse mold spores if they are present.