Equipment We Use


Air Movers – Air movers are often referred to as fans or blowers, and are placed incrementally around the area with water intrusion to help speed up the evaporation process.

Dehumidifiers – During the drying process, air movers are used to promote the evaporation process.  Evaporation creates excess moisture in the air.  Dehumidifiers are used to remove this moisture from the air, thus shortening the length of time a property takes to dry.

Rover – A rover is a piece of equipment used to better dry carpet.  It is a weighted water extraction machine that allows us to dry the carpet pad instead of having to remove and discard it.  This machine can only be used in category 1 water losses, that is, a clean water loss.

Infrared Camera – It takes several tools to determine how far the water has traveled throughout a property.  One tool we use helps us do just that; the infrared camera.  This camera allows us to see changes in temperatures of an area such as a wall or carpet.  This change can be seen in a black and white view or in a color spectrum.  With the infrared camera, we are able to take digital photos demonstrating the distance that the water has traveled.  These photos can be printed or emailed which allows us with to demonstrate the extent of the loss to the homeowner and to the adjuster.

Borescope – Sometimes our technicians need to be able to see through and behind walls to get the full picture on the extent of property damage.  The borescope allows AAD technicians to do just that.  The video borescope is a wireless inspection camera with the capability of capturing video or still images.  These images can be played back on the LCD monitor which includes a date and time stamp on each image captured.