Do’s and Don’ts

What to do After a Flood

Did you know that a broken household dishwasher or refrigerator hose can leak up to 7 gallons of water per minute?

What to do

  • DO call AADisaster Restoration24/7, Inc. at 866-509-4561

  • DO turn off the water supply and call a plumber for repairs.

  • DO carefully mop up any excess water, if possible.

  • DO remove any wet books and magazines as they can stick to or stain furniture.

  • DO place aluminum foil under furniture legs to prevent carpet staining.

  • DO lift draperies away from carpet to prevent staining.

What not to do

  • DO NOT hesitate to call AADisaster Restoration24/7, Inc. at 866-509-4561 for a free consultation.

  • DO NOT leave running bath or sink water unattended.

  • DO NOT use a vacuum cleaner to remove water.

  • DO NOT use electrical appliances while on wet carpet or floors.

Tips and Prevention

  • Know where the main water shut off valve is located in your home and check it frequently to make sure it is operational.

  • Inspect caulking around windows and doors and replace as needed.

  • Perform regular maintenance checks on your property; including replacing dishwasher, icemaker, and washer hoses as well as toilet components about every 5 years.