Water Damage


Surprisingly, some of the most severe water damage can be caused by a small leak in a roof, a pipe or an overflow of a toilet.  Even if you react quickly and think you cleaned up the visible water completely there is no way to see where the water may have gone.  It is possible that the water may have penetrated structural cavities and been trapped.

Water extraction, clean up and drying must be done immediately to avoid and mitigate any significant water damage to your property.  Ineffective clean up and drying can cause serious property damage and health issues.  Since most property owners are not familiar with the steps to properly dry a water loss, it is important to call the professionals.  AADisaster Restoration24/7, Inc. has been formally trained and certified to perform water extraction and clean up. (Lic. #MRSR31)  We understand what needs to be done to efficiently remove water, promote evaporation and dehumidification conditions to possibly restore floors, carpets and walls to mitigate damage and rebuild. (Lic. #CBC1259116)   We currently service the entire S.W. Florida area including, Charlotte County, Lee County, Sarasota County, Collier County and DeSoto County.