Things to Know


How do you know if your property has mold?


Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

* Do you see any signs of water damage such as discoloration, warping,or splitting on the walls, ceiling, or floor of your home?

* Has your home ever had a plumbing, roof or septic leak?

* Do you smell a musty odor or see any mold growth?

If you suspect that you have mold, it is best to find a state licensed mold inspector to have an assessment done. These certified mold inspectors adhere to strict methods and protocols when collecting data in order to give you the most accurate conclusions possible.

The State of Florida recently passed a regulation preventing a mold remediator from performing  mold assessments (or mold tests) on properties for which that same person or company is providing mold remediation services.

 It is imperative that our company remains unbiased in our approach to help you with your clean up and remediation needs. We can, however, provide you with an initial visual inspection and refer you to local inspectors who are both certified and qualified if a mold assessment is needed. After a mold assessment, if you find that you have mold we can help you with your remediation needs.

AADisaster Restoration24/7, Inc. is certified in mold remediation with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We strictly follow the remediation guidelines as set forth in the IICRC S520 Mold Remediation Standards. We currently service the S.W. Florida area including Charlotte County, Lee County, Sarasota County, Collier County and DeSoto County.