Equipment We Use


Dehumidifiers – During mold remediation, it is important to keep the humidity of the affected area within a range that does not promote further growth.  Dehumidifiers perfom this task by pulling water vapors from the air, condensing them.  This water is then drained from the dehumidifier.

Particle Counter – This tool allows us to determine the amount of particulates in the air.  If there are an unusually elevated number of particulates, we know there is a problem.  While this machine does not indicate the types of particulates, it is a good place to start to determine if the property is experiencing a mold problem.

Air Scrubber – The remediation process depends heavily on the ability to remove the airborne mold spores from the affected area.  Air scrubbers use a HEPA filter to trap those spores while circluating the air.  This is often referred to as air washing.  An air scrubber can also be used as a negative air machine by simply attaching plastic ducting material and filtering the air outside of the property.

Containment – This plastic barrier is set up to prevent mold spores from being released into surrounding areas during the remediation process.  The containment blocks mold spores from disbursing throughout the unaffected areas of the property.